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Meet The Doc

Hello! My name is Paige Kinley, I am native to Worthington, MN. I grew up loving the diversity here in Worthington. I graduated from Worthington High School in 2014, Minnesota West Technical College in 2015, Dakota Wesleyan University in 2018 with a major in Biology and minors in Psychology and Business. Finally, I graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN with a doctorate degree in chiropractic along with an emphasis in sports medicine. While I spent my three years in the cities, I interned at a high-volume clinic for 8 months in Burnsville, MN. At NorthernLife Wellness, we saw over 3,000 patients each month that included professional athletes, TV stars, competitive athletes, babies, pregnant women and many others. I pride myself in being dedicated and committed to my patient's care. I am so excited to lead my hometown in their chiropractic care! 

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Lauren S.

"Dr. Paige Kinley is hands down the most knowledgeable and effective chiropractor and overall natural health provider I have ever received care from. I've been receiving chiropractic care for various physical ailments for more than 14 years and in 5 different states. Every time I left her office, I felt wholly better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I loved seeing her twice a week whenever I could. Unfortunately, I had to move out of the area, but I would recommend anyone to Dr. Paige for maintenance, preventative, and current treatment care! I would go to her for life if I could."

Joni R.

"I am so impressed with Dr. Paige Kinley. She is a very professional and thorough chiropractor. She listens well and answers any questions you may have. She uses several different techniques in order to insure the best outcome for her patients. Her clinical knowledge is outstanding and she is also compassionate and caring. She is motivated to help her patients achieve a level of wellness that focuses on quality of life. Her office is nicely decorated and her welcoming smile makes her patients feel at home!"

Trevor N.

"Dr. Paige is incredible at what she does!
I had lower back issues for years. Dr. Paige has helped me so much with adjustments and alignments that I am now pain and medication free for the first time in what seems like forever. My favorite thing about Dr. Paige is that she explains what she is doing in a way that is easy to understand and how the adjustments should help with different muscles/joints.
Everyone in my family of 6 visit Dr. Paige for adjustments. Including my wife, 4 children ranging from 11 years old to 5 months old and myself. She does an amazing job with the kids. She has helped them overcome all kinds of ailments, anything from pain, headaches, constipation, etc. She has a genuine passion for patients and is always willing to get us in to see her even if she has to squeeze us in.
During my wife's latest pregnancy, she seen Dr. Paige often. Labor and delivery with baby number 4 went so much smoother than previous pregnancies. Labor and delivery were so much easier and less painful having her body aligned regularly.
My whole family highly recommends Dr. Paige to anyone looking for a way to better health."

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